“For me entrepreneurship means creation of value” Renyung Ho

Ren and I, we know each other since our first CEO & Founder Dinner that we organised in Singapore in 2016. She is Co-Founder of MATTER Prints. She is passionate about business and design for social good – and you can truly feel her passion the moment you meet her. So please enjoy the interview below and learn from an inspiring entrepreneur.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
For me entrepreneurship means creation of value

What are you looking for when you meet founders?
Open-mindedness & drive. It is very hard to find the two together.

What are business models that you like to invest in? and why?
It is a range right now: we are invested in fin-tech, agri-, edu-tech but also social enterprises & eCommerce. We are looking for new & emerging areas that complement our existing business and with people who share our values

What have been your 3 lessons learned as entrepreneur? What would you differently today?

IMG_7237(Smiling) First, I think building a genuine network is key. Secondly, you have to 150% believe why you are the best person and believe it when you do the job. I also think that all is about how to build a business so it can function without you.

What I would do differently today? I feel I should have put in more money to hire faster with deep expertise and grow faster instead of bootstrapping but at the same time it was useful and a good learning curve.

What have been your 3 lessons learned as investor? What would you do differently today?

If a company tells you they don’t need your funds, walk away.
Know very clearly what you want out of your investment: your parameters for risk (adding value, generate multiple of x) it is your responsibility to know how you invest.
Do informal due diligence, background checks, if team names a name even if you don’t know the person. A lot of investment is based on future potential, and thus future claims. So I guess overall, I am still on this learning journey.

If you would give an entrepreneur one advice – what would it be?
Don’t listen to too much advise.


From Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs is a weekly interview session with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, creators and investors. Goal is to share our lessons learned and help to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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